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Legacy Funds

A Legacy Fund receives your planned gifts (estate gifts) and contains your instructions regarding support of charities after your lifetime. Distributions from your personalized fund will be made in accordance with the directions you establish in consultation with SCCF. Changes to these arrangements can be made anytime during your lifetime. Download a copy of our Legacy Fund information sheet.

A Legacy Fund is...


The charitable cause or causes with special meaning and importance to you will receive future gifts from your fund.


Your legacy fund can receive some or all of the charitable portion of your estate. Without cost, you may modify your fund agreement to add charities or change other instructions. The ease of making such adjustments is one advantage of using a legacy fund to achieve your charitable goals. 

You may also choose to make gifts to your fund during your lifetime. Among the gifts you can make as estate gifts or during your lifetime are IRAs, real estate, real property, life insurance, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, cash and appreciated securities. 


Your Legacy Fund, or a portion of it, can become a permanent fund of Story County Community Foundation. A permanently endowed fund provides an enduring source of strength for the charitable cause(s) you want to support. SCCF and its host foundation, the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, oversee the distribution process, making certain that your intentions are honored after your lifetime. 

Legacy Funds held at the Story County Community Foundation:

J. Elaine Hieber Legacy Fund
Sandra and George McJimsey Charitable Fund
Jim & Frankee Oleson Legacy Fund
Parulekar Family Fund
Brian & Laura West Empowerment Fund

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