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Donor-Advised Funds

What is a Donor Advised Fund?

A donor advised fund is a fund established by an individual or family to make grants to charities of their choice. The donor or the fund's advisers work with the SCCF to identify charitable causes the donor wishes to support. The funds listed below were established by people and groups working with SCCF to benefit Story County (and Iowa) now and in the future. Download a copy of our Donor Advised Fund information sheet and guidelines.


Roger and Kay Berger use their endowment fund to make charitable gifts of their choosing.

A donor-advised fund may be established as a permanent or a not permanent fund.

A donor-advised fund that is not established as a permanent endowment still receives all the same tax benefits as a permanent fund but is not eligible for the Endow Iowa Tax Credits. Because it is not a permanently endowed fund, the principal of the fund may be recommended for granting not just 5% of the fund balance each year.

Endow Iowa Donor-Advised Funds

  • With a permanent Donor-Advised Fund, individuals are able to recommend grants to charities of their choice of up to 5% of the fund balance on Dec. 31st but may not access the principal of the fund. Recommendations for the grants must be approved by the CFGDM to be sure they meet the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service.

  • A Permanent Donor-Advised Fund is eligible for the Endow Iowa Tax Credits equal to 25% of the amount deposited in the fund. This is in addition to the normal federal charitable deductions for anyone contributing to this fund.

  • Almost any kind of asset may be donated-cash, publicly traded securities, closely held stock, life insurance, real estate and private foundation assets.

  • You may create a fund now or establish it in your will for the benefit of Story County where you have lived, worked and loved. Your gift can change lives today and in the future.

Donor-Advised Funds administered by the Story County Community Foundation:

  • Adam & Melinda Fund
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Patricia & Louis Banitt Fund
  • Dr. George P. Belitsos Charitable Endowment
  • Kay & Roger Berger Endowment
  • Mary Ann & Jim Black Family Fund
  • Jay Brown & Lori Suvalsky Endowment
  • Wendie & Kevin Cooper Charitable Fund
  • Randa & Doyle Drake Family Fund
  • Sylvia C. Fox Fund
  • Jennifer Garst Charitable Fund
  • Marcia & Dean Handsaker Family Fund
  • Heather Fund
  • Katharine & Jordan Hensley Fund
  • Karen & Al Hermanson Charitable Fund
  • Erb & Marge Hunziker Fund
  • Mike & Patsy Jensen Family Endowment
  • John & Jane Fund
  • Jane Johnson Family Endowment
  • Judy & Rich Jones Family Endowment
  • Jons Family Fund
  • Betty & Dennis Keeney Family Fund
  • Kuhl Family Fund
  • Teresa McLaughlin Endowment
  • Daniel & Katie Moore Charitable Fund
  • Magic Penny Charitable Giving Fund
  • Nurturing Iowa Fund
  • Stanley Rabe Charitable Fund
  • Ken Rose Endowment
  • Louis & Cosette Scallon Endowment
  • Shierholz Charitable Fund
  • Shierholz Family Fund
  • Richard & Naomi Smith Legacy Fund
  • Phyllis & Cecil Stewart Family Fund
  • Sandy & Lon Strum Family Fund
  • Tradix Fund
  • Dan & Peg Uthe Family Fund
  • Roberta Vann & Frederick Lorenz Family Endowment
  • Janice Walter Family Fund
  • Brian & Laura West Family Seed Fund
  • Christopher Williams Memorial Fund
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