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Committee Advised Funds

If your group wishes to support non-profit, charitable organizations and needs a structure to support your philanthropic goals, a committee-advised fund can provide accounting and legal services and allow you to focus on fund-raising and making grants and gifts. Download a copy of our Committee Advised Fund information sheet.

The Story County Community Giving Circle welcomes community members 
invested in making a difference in Ames and Story County.

Establishing a Committee Advised Fund is

  • Distinct:  You can establish a Committee Advised Fund in the name of your group or organization.

  • Enduring: Members of your organization will make grants from your fund now and in the future.

  • Flexible:  Add to the fund at any time.  The Story County Community Foundation can accept donations of almost any asset including cash, stock and real estate.  

  • Efficient:  Your group benefits from the most advantageous tax treatment for a charitable gift, and the Community Foundation handles the administrative details.

Who should establish a committee advised fund?

A Committee Advised Fund is ideal for groups who:

  • Want to establish a spirit of giving within their organization and allow future members to continue granting to charities the group supports.

  • Do not have a 501(c)3 status but want to accept tax-deductible, charitable gifts.

  • Are willing to work together to determine the causes their organization wishes to support.

  • Want to make a long-term impact on the charities that are most important to them.

  • Many businesses establish Committee Advised Funds to facilitate corporate giving.       

Committee Advised Funds held at the Story County Community Foundation:

  • Leadership Ames Endowment Fund  To donate, click here
  • McCallsburg Legacy Fund  To donate, click here
  • Story County Community Giving Circle Fund  To Donate, click here


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