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Facts to Ponder

On the average, Iowans transfer $4.9 billion dollars of wealth each year.

Story County residents transfer $116.2 million in wealth each year through probate.

In Story County, on average approximately $360,000 is transferred per estate.

On average, Story County has 323 probated estates annually.

If Story County residents would consider leaving just a small percentage of their estates to charity, think what a difference it would make in our communities!

These figures are based only on those estates going through probate. Since it is common to try to avoid probate, it is an extremely low estimate of the actual total wealth transfer.

If we preserve 5% of the estimated wealth transfer for Story County, in just 10 years, we will have built a $124,888,604 fund that will generate close to $26,000,000 in grants for community projects and priorities, forever. In 50 years, that number will have increased to $18,449,264,900 generating close to $14,000,000,000 in grants to the community. That's the power of endowment.

Endowed funds last forever and grow over time because the principal is never spent. Earnings are used to make grants in the name of each fund, supporting charitable causes and creating personal legacies of giving in Story County. Because assets earmarked for the Story County Community Foundation Endowment Fund are unrestricted, they can be used to address pressing needs and not-to-be-missed opportunities in our community--even as they change over time.


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