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SCCF's Own Funds

The Story County Community Foundation Community Betterment Endowment Fund – to donate, click here 

The Story County Community Foundation manages a permanent unrestricted endowment fund that will grow and benefit Story County forever. Each year, the Advisory Board determines how 5% of this fund will be granted through our Community Granting process to meet current and emerging needs of the county.  As this fund grows, so will the assistance that we are able to provide in Story County.

Gifts not designated for another fund will be deposited into this fund. Gifts to this fund are eligible for the Endow Iowa Tax Credit.

We also have two administrative funds directly benefiting SCCF by providing funding which allows the Foundation to carry out its mission to improve the quality of life in Story County through philanthropy.

  • Story County Community Foundation Operations Endowment Fund – to donate, click here
      Endowed operational support to further SCCF’s mission. Gifts to this fund are eligible for the Endow Iowa Tax Credit.

  • Story County Community Foundation Operations Pass-through Fund – to donate, click here
     Unrestricted fund for immediate use where needed (no Endow Iowa tax credit)

Story County Small Business and Entrepreneurship Endowment Fund – to donate, click here 

SCCF is growing this fund to support the growth of the entrepreneurial community in Story County, with a focus on small enterprises (those with five employees or less). Grants will target investments that will grow employment opportunities through workforce training, entrepreneurial education, and promotion of small business for the betterment of the community.  Gifts to this fund are eligible for the Endow Iowa Tax Credit.

To apply for this grant send a letter of application which clearly describes the project, budget, and other funding support.  Applications are accepted January 1 – August 31 and will be reviewed by a committee upon submission. Funding must be used within twelve months of notification of a successful application.  Grants are made only to charitable organizations with a 501(c)(3) status, governmental agencies, or to the 501 (c)(3) fiscal sponsor.  ​Please submit application electronically to:


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